Rampant Existentialism

This website will be the classic "I was here" monument to my existence, or just another crackpot manifesto. If "all goes well", I'll be known as a DEAD GUY much longer than a living person (that's the delusion anyway). Is this whole thing bordering on the cliche? Agreed - but what else can I do?

Your looking at the end result of rampant existentialism. I've completely rejected any notion that any part of me will continue to pass or float on beyond my death in any religous of new agey constructs. I find the concept of physical monuments such as granite headstones as offensive as worshipping bowling trophys. I would hope that upon my death, I will be most associated with an idea, and not just a rock. This also goes for embalming my corpse - why do you people have to do that? Hopefully I'll be able to drag my disease/cancer ridden body into the mouth of Kilauea when the time comes and make it easier for all of us.

I believe that I came from oblivion and I'm going back to oblivion - the only thing remaining of my existence will be this digital data, a series of bits, a sequence of on's and off's. I find it kind of preposterous that the outcome of my life will eventually be reduced to a string of numbers, which you are examining now. It also seems rather arrogant on my part that I would consider my sequences of one's and zero's worthy of archival. I can only hope someone or something reads and/or scans these numbers at some point in the future and finds it interesting.

I realize that all my fictional writings will end up sounding "quaint" to far future audiences, as all art does, so anything I conceive of now will be generally ignored. I've come to the conclusion that the only thing I have to offer that isn't accessable to future audiences is my access to the present (which is now your past). Hopefully I can be a 'time traveler' of sorts and offer a glimpse of something you no longer have access to.

I've also collected other dead people's final thoughts on another page, in the hope that they have come to a better conclusion of the "meaning of life" than I. The best 'meaning' I've come up with is that our species needs to keep reproducing, so someone else in the future can ponder the same question.

Why the note in the bottle image: I got the idea from a Robert Redford movie called "All Is Lost". He plays a guy whose yacht sinks in the middle of the Indian ocean and ends up floating in a life raft, running out of food and water. He realizes he's going to die shortly and writes a desperate note, sticks it into a glass jar and throws it into the ocean, hoping SOMEBODY in the future will find out what happened to him. This website is my bottle in the digital ocean of the Internet.

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